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2019 Honors:  Identity's Champion Award

2019 Senate of Maryland Citation: Presented by State Senator Cheryl C. Kagan for our "work to combat discrimination across our communities' and "many acts of kindness and collaboration with local  nonprofits [that] make all of our neighbors feel welcomed."

2020 Honors:  LAYC's Community Champion Honoree

​​Founded: 2017


Areas of expertise: 
Neighbors being neighborly in the DC-MD metropolitan area.

Structure:  Caring people collaborating without an incorporated status; we are not a nonprofit or for-profit.  All proceeds go directly to our nonprofit partners.  

Neighbors Rising is a neighborly, non-political, response to anti-immigrant and anti-other sentiments that have spread and discouraged our communities since the beginning of the 2016 election cycle. 


At a time when we and our neighbors need assurance that our communities will not succumb to hurtful messages, we at Neighbors Rising:

  • Grow demonstrable care for people in the DC-MD metropolitan area community;
  • Provide instant gratification with making a positive difference in troubling times; and
  • Encourage and embrace vulnerable young people and their families, our neighbors, when they need to know they are respected and valued.

LAYC's Silent Auction September 2020: Funds and items to help cover cancelled Spring Gala.  

Young Neighbors Rising - Marine Corps Marathon: Two of our YNR members finished the 2019 MCM and 10K,successfully raising $3,000 for LAYC youth programs and connecting with LAYC MCM runners. 

Thanksgiving Meals & Gift Cards: Provided Thanksgiving meals (3 years) for youth in need of their community's support. Purchased grocery store and restaurant gift cards for disconnected youth and families.
Books for 2nd - 4th Graders in Identity's Afterschool Program (4 annual campaigns)
Helped our young neighbors from immigrant families catch up to their peers in reading.  
House Parties: Raised general support funds through parties hosted by Neighbors Rising members.

Masks - Pandemic 2020 Response

Purchased and produced 1,000 masks for the Rodham Institute's distribution to Brookland Manor and other DC neighbors in need. Big shout out to Dr. Hynes & Ms. Sheila B. and the Rodham Institute's Dr. El-Bayoumi & Ms. Kristina W. for caring, connecting, organizing and delivering!  Our members supplied sheets, elastic, connections to people who sew and mask donors. Big thanks to Identity's Workforce Development youth who produced 160 masks with hourly stipends from Neighbors Rising members.  
Two Neighbors Rising members trained to teach basic English in 2019.