Neighbors Rising is a neighborly, non-political, response to anti-immigrant and anti-other sentiments that have spread and discouraged our communities since the beginning of the 2016 election cycle. 


At a time when we and our neighbors need assurance that our communities will not succumb to hurtful messages, Neighbors Rising:

  • Grows our demonstrably caring DC-MD metropolitan area community;
  • Provides instant gratification for instantly making a positive difference in troubling times; and
  • Encourages and embraces vulnerable young people and their families, our neighbors, when they need to know they are respected and valued.

What We’re Doing

Neighborhood Profile

​​Founded: 2017


Areas of expertise: 
Neighbors being neighborly in the DC-MD metropolitan area.

Structure:  Caring people collaborating without an incorporated status; we are not a nonprofit or for-profit.  All proceeds go directly to our nonprofit partners.  

Recent Action

LAYC's 51st Anniversary Gala on May 8th 2019: Purchase portion of ticket for a Young Neighbor Rising.  Checks payable to "Latin American Youth Center." Mail to Neighbors Rising, 4609 Chase Avenue, Bethesda, MD 20814.   AND, purchase your own tickets at:   

Young Neighbors Rising - Soccer Equipment Campaign

A growing group of people in their 20s and 30s launched a soccer equipment campaign for youth participating in our partner organizations' soccer teams.   

Thanksgiving Meals

Provided Thanksgiving meals for youth very much in need of support from our community. 

Gift Cards

Purchased grocery store and restaurant gift cards for disconnected youth and families.
Books for 2nd - 4th Graders in Identity's Afterschool Program
Helped our young neighbors from immigrant families catch up to their peers in reading.  
House Parties
Raised general support funds through parties hosted by Neighbors Rising members.

Emergency Funds

Funded  3 urgently needed asylum visas, allowing a family to stay together in U.S. and our community.

February 2019:  Train to teach basic English in Riverdale, MD.