Identity creates opportunities for Latino and other low-income youth in Montgomery County, MD, to realize their full potential as successful adults by improving their social and emotional learning skills, achieve academic success and prepare for work. 

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Novembers '17 & '18

Thanksgiving meals for disconnected youth.

Promote our community's embrace & support for low-income neighbors made more vulnerable by the increase of anti-immigrant and anti-other sentiments.  We (1) support partner organizations improving the lives of our young neighbors from immigrant families and (2) facilitate collaborative giving in the DC-MD metro area.

  • House Parties for friends and neighbors to learn about how our partner organizations help people in need.  The entire community strengthens when our guests donate and spread the word. 
  • Donation Drives with links to purchase donations for direct service programs.
  • Listserv announcements about events and opportunities to help our neighbors.


Our Partner Organizations (so far)

Latin American Youth Center empowers a diverse population of low-income youth to "achieve a successful transition to adulthood through multi-cultural, comprehensive, and innovative programs that address youths' social, academic and career needs."

Please learn more about the Latin American Youth Center ("LAYC") at:

Both organizations help tens of thousands of Latino youth and their families living with the vulnerabilities of poverty and discrimination.  Both have track records of success and are respected by foundations, government representatives and citizens in DC and MD.

How We Work

Our Mission

201​7 - Present

House Parties, donations and new Neighbors Rising members


March-April 2019

Purchase LAYC Gala tickets.  See "Recent Action" in "About" tab.

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We encourage collaborative and individual support to local nonprofits already providing expert & effective direct services to our neighbors in need of help and community embrace.

Neighbors Rising facilitates fundraising and donations of time, skills, connections, funds, supplies and local advocacy.